Instructor: Sönmez Çelik, Library of Doğuş University
Course Content : Open Access / Data Entry to Dspace / Institutional Archive Data Input / Institutional Archive Management
Aim of Course:  Issues such as recording of sources within the institutional archives with international standards, books, articles, thesis, papers, reports published within the scope of, institutions, especially universities; besides granting access of them in accordance with copyrights, are going to be handled.
Required Tools:In order to participate in this training, participants are expected to have those pieces of equipment listed below – providing that must be tested before.

  • Internet Access
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • Quiet Environment

Aims of This Course:

  • Informing about Open Access and explaining requirements and formation process of Institutional Archives
  • Compiling the sources produced within Institution and data entry with international standards
  • Taking action for making the access to institutional archives easier and doing required legislations
  • Training the offices of institutional archives by doing practical applications in order to make them competent
  • Creating awareness about Open Access and Institutional Archives

Course Subjects

–          1st Class

–          2nd Class

–          3rd Class

–          4th Class

–          5th Class

–          6th Class

–          7th Class

–          8th Class

–          9th Class


A Brief Content of the Course:

–          Content

–          Aims and Outcomes

–          Type of Lecture

–          Importance of Open Access and Data Input

–          Copyrights

–          Handle and It’s Importance

–          Documents going to be recorded in Institutional Archives

–          Determination of Publishings which belongs to the Institution

Course Schedule:                  

3-4 March, 2016 Thursday, Friday 11.30 – 12.10 Sönmez ÇELIK
8-9-10-11 March, 2016 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11.30 – 12.10 Sönmez ÇELIK
15-16-17 March, 2016 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11.30 – 12.10 Sönmez ÇELIK


Kinds of Lecture:

–          Lecturing

–          Practice

–          Question – Answer – Discussion

Assessment of Students’ Success:

–          Participation in class: 50%

–          Practice: 50%

Outcomes of the Course:

Trainees participating in this course;

–          will be knowledgeable with institutional archives and archive software.

–          will understand the record structure of institutional archives and Data Input in accordance with standards.

–          will improve their effective institutional archive software skills by practical applications.

–          will get to know the blending system.

–          will be informed of institutional archive studies within Turkey and in the world.