ANKOS Consortium Membership

1-The consortium membership request is sent to the ANKOS Public Relations Group ( by the relevant university. This request should only be made by the Information Center Manager / Head of Department.

2-There is a petition that universities should send to ANKOS. There is available from:Üyeliği.docx

In order for the procedures to be initiated, the university must first sign the Rector’s Office level and send the electronic copy to and then the original copy to the ANKOS Presidency.

3-If ANKOS Board approves the university to be a consortium member, the candidate membership process is initiated.

4-If the university did not transmit, the e-mail address of a person responsible for the e-resources of the university by ANKOS Public Relations Group, etc. information is requested from the library manager. (For ANKOS-TR mailing list)

5-University information (IP, authorized person name, mail, phone, address) is confirmed by ANKOS Public Relations Group on the university website.

6-ANKOS Presidency sends an official response to the university that the candidate membership process has taken place.

7-Official articles from universities are kept in the ANKOS Presidential Archive.

8-Universities that do not have subscriptions yet are considered as candidate members. In the event of subscriptions, universities become the main members.

9-ANKOS Public Relations Group informs the User Statistics Group so that the university can be added to online transactions. (This process is provided to start a subscription to at least one product within the consortium.)

10.ANKOS Public Relations Group conducts the necessary checks and informs the ANKOS Headquarters after the information is received from the User Statistics Group and ANKOS Web Officer that the university has been added to the relevant fields.


ANKOS Presidential Address :

Güssün GÜNEŞ

ANKOS Derneği DAP Yapı İ Ofis Merkez Mah. Kağıthane Cad. No:3 Ofis No: 58 Kağıthane – İstanbul