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August 2, 2019
ANKOSLink 2015
August 2, 2019

The Interlending & Document Supply Conference, which will be held for the 14th time this year, will be hosted by ANKOS on October 1-3, 2015 in Istanbul. The Ottoman Archives Department will be held in the Conference Hall.

The theme of the conference was Sharing Resource Sharing at the Crossroads ve and papers are expected to:

• The effect of open access to document provisioning. New purchase models for request / user-oriented acquisition.

• Opportunities and threats for the ILL employee at a time of dramatic changes

• Copyright and contract – a troubled relationship

• Article use / Journal use – focus on less used materials

• OCLC WorldShare ILL

• The current state of ILL

• Search engines and ILL

• Country studies – especially in Turkey and also in neighboring countries.

• International resource sharing concerns; delivery methods, payment options, interoperability of systems and computer standards

• Solutions and challenges associated with sharing electronic resources such as eBooks and E-journals.

• Open source systems and their role in resource sharing.

• New horizons for library consortia or libraries’ collaboration among themselves.

Submissions must be submitted to Pentti Vattulainen ( before 30 March 2015 and include the following details:

• Name, title, institution, and contact information of the author (s)

• Short biography

• Title of the paper

• Abstract (100 – 250 words)

Conditions for all accepted papers:

• Present at the conference in English by one of the authors.

• The content of the manuscript should not be published before or should be under review for publication.

• The papers reviewed by the standing committee are published in the Interlending and Document Supply journal ( if accepted.

Important Dates:

30 March 2015 – Submitting proposals to the standing committee

20 April 2015 – Announcement of accepted papers to the authors

31 August 2015 – Submission of completed papers by the authors

NOTE: All expenses including conference fees, travel, hotel and conference registration fees are the responsibility of the authors. At least one author is required to attend the conference to present the paper.