ANKOS 2019 Publisher Meeting 19.07.2019

“Corporate Academic Archive Installation and Management Process”
August 18, 2019
Recent Developments in Medical Librarianship and Turkish Librarians’ EAHIL 2019 Workshop Impressions
August 18, 2019

As ANKOS Board of Directors, in line with the expectations, suggestions and problems of our members and stakeholders, FTE studies and bargaining processes are continuing rapidly in order to ensure effective and widespread access of our research institutions to electronic information sources. From 2020 onwards, we have started discussions with publishers within the scope of subscription distribution, FTE band intervals and possibilities for future years.
In this context, on July 19, 2019, Bilkent and Koç University representatives and IOP Publishing Patrick DOOGUE and Eazy Solutions firm Sıtkı AKTAŞ held 2020-2022 license meetings.